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LUCID-Art + Free Photo Projector:
List Price $254
Our Price: $218
Sale Price: $198
Runner-Up Deal: $179!

LUCID-Art + Drawing Board + FREE Photo Projector:
List Price: $293
Our Price: $253
Sale Price: $233
Runner-Up Deal: $214!


LUCY + FREE Photo Projector:
List Price: $164
Our Price: $129
Sale Price: $119
Runner-Up Deal: $99!

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About the Camera Lucida

What is a Camera Lucida?

The camera lucida is a classic drawing tool that has been used by artists for centuries.
(see the history section).

When you look through the view hole it uses optical mirrors to reflect a right-side-up transparent “ghost” image of the scene in front of you down onto your canvas or paper, so all an artist or art enthusiast needs to do is draw over the reflected image to get correct perspective, foreshortening, proportion, position, overlap, shape. Leaving you more time to develop your art the way you want it without being frustrated by the technical elements.

For paintings you do not have to start with a pencil sketch, you can also do an underpainting right over the reflected image with oils, acrylics or water paints. And you can reflect the image onto white or dark paper or canvas or anything else you want to: dishes, crafts, rocks, t-shirts, sculpting.




You may be asking: “besides the cost, what if the difference between your two lucidas?” Well, the biggest difference is the size of the image. The LUCID-Art’s image goes up to 20×37 inches, while the LUCY has a image of 15×20 inches, which is still large, just not as large as the LUCID-Art.

Along with the size of the image, the LUCID-Art also has a larger magnification when enlarging photos with the Photo Projector: up to 4x enlargement for the LUCID-Art and 2.5x enlargement for the LUCY.


The LUCID-Art is also just a little nicer in all aspects as you might expect from the cost difference and the way they look. One specific feature that adds to the LUCID-Art is that the height of the image is adjustable, which is helpful for sizing images and helps you stand or sit more comfortably while drawing.


One other thing is that with the LUCID-Art you have the option to get a drawing board with a tripod mount that makes working out in the field easy.

The LUCID-Art’s drawing board turns your standard camera tripod into an easel and has a special connecting point that is designed to attach to your LUCID-Art. (tripod not included)

Drawing board measures 16″x 20″ (40.5cm x 50.5cm) and is made of hardboard surface with steel base.

So the LUCY is good for most people, but if you want the very best, or you need the larger image or drawing board—get the LUCID-Art.




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