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The LUCY Drawing Tool
Most Versatile Camera Lucida Ever!

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The LUCY retains all the magic of this classic device, while offering all the solutions with a larger, more stable and brighter image. You can even adjust the brightness of the image as needed. This transforms the camera Lucida from a neat device of the past into an indispensable art tool for today.
The LUCY is a much improved version of the classic camera lucida drawing tool, which has been used by artists and old Masters for centuries.
When you look through the LUCY’s view hole, optical mirrors create a transparent “ghost” image of the scene in front of you reflected down onto your canvas or paper. Just draw or paint over the reflected image to get the correct perspective, foreshortening, proportion, position, overlap, shape. Thus, leaving you more time to develop your art the way you want it without being frustrated by the technical elements. Camera Lucidas may not work as well with bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses More Info.
LUCY Drawing Tool
The LUCY head is injection molded in the USA with fiberglass-infused polycarbonate. All optics (mirrors and filters) are shatter resistant acrylic glass.head_7474-crop
LUCY Clamp
The clamp is made from extruded aluminum with free-spinning rubber covered grip to keep your table protected.
The flex neck arm is 2 feet long by 10mm thick and made from strong lightweight steel with a black skin-like rubbery coating.

►Large image: 19 x 27 inches (48 x 58 cm)

►Adjustable image brightness

►Adjustable height

►Use it while standing, sitting or at an easel

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