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Q: Does it matter if you are right or left handed?

A: No it does not matter because the manual shows you how it can easily changes the LUCID-Art back and forth from right-handed to left-handed. So if you have more than one person using it; then you can change back and forth from the right-handed setup to the left-handed setup.

Q: Can I see some larger pictures of the LUCID-Art Camera Lucida?

A: Yes, you can see larger pictures by clicking here.

Q: Can I use the LUCID-Art if I wear glasses?

A: Yes, you can use the LUCID-Art if you wear glasses, but it will not work well if you have to wear trifocals.

Q: Will the LUCID-Art help me learn how to draw?

A: Yes, Drawing with the LUCID-Art will not only help you make accurate drawings, but it will also teach you to better see what you are drawing and help you to become a overall better artist.

Q: Can I buy a LUCID-Art camera lucida at my local art supply store?

A: Maybe, you’ll have to ask if they carry it. If not, please ask then to consider carrying the LUCID-Art.

Q: Does the LUCID-Art need any type of electricity?

A: No. It uses no electricity.

Q: Can you reflect an image from a photo or other small object?

A: Yes, you can reflect the image of a photo or small object to the original size, smaller or a little larger than life. The height of the camera lucida is adjustable to fit your height, so say you have the camera lucida eye piece set 20’’ high, then position the photo (by attaching it to a wall or easel or something) 20” away; then the reflected image will be the original size. If you want the reflection to be smaller then life then move the photo farther back (you’ll be able to get it as small as you want). If you want to make the reflection larger then life then more it closer than 20” (for now you can only enlarge to about 2 or 2.5 time the original).

Q: Do you offer discounts for schools or other nonprofit organizations?

A: Yes, contact us for more information if you are buying for a school or other nonprofit organization.



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