Business Camera Obscura

Dovetail Camera Obscura

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By Ancient Magic Art tools


These are very high quality camera obscura, handbuilt with your choice of Maple or Walnut hardwood. We use dovetail joinery for its strength and beauty and to add to the overall quality of the piece. Each camera obscura has a tripod mounting screw, that can be attached to any standard tripod.
Our camera obscura is about a 6 inch (15.3cm) cube and only weighs 1.65lbs (1.2kg) for the Walnut and 2.2lbs (1kg) for the Maple. You can take it anywhere and it’s easy to store or display!The lens tube is formed from seamless brass tube to give you a solid authentic use and feel. The lens is a uncoated spherical glass lens about 38mm in diameter. This lens will allow you to focus on objects about 3 feet away to infinity.

The ground glass screen is used for viewing the image and the clear screen is used with a piece of tracing paper to trace the image. The useable screen image size is about 5 inches (12.7cm) square.

Each camera obscura includes:

  • Solid Maple or Walnut dovetailed box body
  • Lens in brass lens tube
  • 3 screens. One ground glass screen, one clear screen and one Fresnel lens screen (see attached diagram to see effect of Fresnel lens on image.
  • User manual

Contact Us for pricing and other information.

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