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LUCID-Art Camera Lucida

LUCID-Art camera lucida

Utilize the secrets of the Old Masters to reflect an image of your subject right over your paper or canvas!

When you look through view hole you'll see a transparent "ghost" image of the landscape, object or person you are drawing and you simply draw right over that image. The result is a perfectly proportioned sketch with correct perspective-captured with your own hand quickly and easily.


Camera Obscuras

Camera Obscuras are another magical art tool, which have been used for centuries to enrich the way an artist sees. The Camera Obscura's image simplifies and enriches color while adding depth by focusing on one distance at a time—the same way your eyes work. Its images were seen as magical in the 17th century—often described as nature’s paintings.

The first time you see a camera obscura in action you'll get chills. It projects a clear full color moving image of what is in front of it onto the ground glass screen making it look like a tv screen that you can draw on. The light from any object comes through the lens bounces off of the mirror and up through the ground glass or paper for you to trace or just view.

views through a camera obscura


Old Photo
Old Photo
Old Photo
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